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Considered a fairly labour-intensive, gruelling affair for accounting business, processing VAT preparation necessitates continual reconciliation of discrepancies and meticulous planning to prevent missing deadlines. Adjunct with high overhead costs with respect to rising manpower costs and tight deadlines, preparation for VAT returns undoubtedly critical but saps a lot out of accounting practices. To take away a portion of the firm’s load off with regards to the preparation of VAT returns, Sustainable BPO provides you access to a team of skilled advisors who can assist you with facets of tax preparation such as VAT registrations, return submissions, the MTD policy, and selecting the most appropriate VAT schemes, such as FRS, Standard, Retail and Marginal, based on your accounting needs. In conclusion, our VAT returns outsourcing service abreast with the latest developments and provide you with all the assistance you need to ensure you have your VAT returns in order.

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