Prices are negotiated and are based on the amount of work you outsource in order to reap the benefits that come with working on scale. We agree on the charges in advance, and these prices are fixed, so you know exactly how much each job will cost you and how much profit you will make.
By way of increased flexibility, access to top-notch domain experts, and most importantly, more than 60% of your operating costs saved up, you’d be better off both in terms of time and money at the end of the day. The difference we make is significant and value-addition has been a constant across the plethora of client experiences we’ve had. Whether you’re on holiday or have too much on your plate, our services will always be there to back you up.
Yep! The software we generally use but are not limited to are:
General accounting: -Xero, Kashflow, Sage, Quick Books, Excel. etc.
Accounts production: – Sage, CCH,Digita, Iris, VT TaxCalc, etc.
All of our employees in India are Chartered or Chartered Certified Accountants, either fully qualified or partially qualified, and are fully versed in all UK reporting standards. Two of our Indian partners, as well as our UK Practice Manager, visit our India office on a regular basis (two to three times a year) to recruit, train, and undertake quality control checks at all levels.
Our personnel take great pride in their ability to deliver services that make a difference in the client’s operations. Our work timings are flexible and we are always eager to take on work be it the weekends or a bank holiday. All in all, we will always be around when you need us.

Once you partner up with us, your work will be assigned to a team. Each team has a team leader who will be your direct point of contact to ensure that we are always accessible to you. The size of your team will be determined by the volume of work on hand.

If you need to contact someone, you can email or call your client manager in the United Kingdom or the team leader in India. Staff in Ahmadabad work on local time, which is 4.5 hours ahead of UK time between 1 April and 31 October and 5.5 hours ahead of UK time between 1 November and 31 March, so they’ll generally be accessible until 2.00pm and 1.00pm UK time, respectively.
However, because one team normally works on UK time, there will always be someone available to speak with during standard UK office hours.

We work with small-to-mid sized companies, but our capabilities also position us for bigger projects as and when they come up. With our access to a wide array of talent and scalable capabilities, dealing with workloads of any kind is a breezy affair for us.
We sit down and decide the ideal turnaround time based on the volume of work you provide us. The deadlines we provide are always realistic with respect to our capabilities, and we adhere to them without fail.
You bet we do! Our outsourced bookkeeping services are easy to avail, but have proven extremely effective for our clients. Not only do their books remain in order, our constant availability helps them solve any issues or bottlenecks that arise as part of day-to-day corporate functioning. This allows them to work on important things without any unfortunate hindrances.
A resounding yes. Our data security practices are GDPR-compliant and you can visit our “Data Security” section to read up on the various measures we’ve taken to make sure nothing goes awry.
We can work with files in any format that your client provides, though electronic versions are preferable because they are faster and easier to process. Some accountants scan all of their clients’ documents and email it to us.
The very same one you’d send the work in unless you’d like us to apply our own workflow.

What is important to you,
is important to us.

We would love to engage and discuss how we can identify opportunities that can you scale your business in the long-term.