Data Security & Confidentiality

Security measures followed at Sustainable BPO

Our stance on data security is uncompromising and we go to great lengths to make sure that your data remains safe while it is with us, as it is ultimately our responsibility to take care of it. As an enterprise whose functions are centered around our technological capabilities and domain expertise, we assure you that your data will always remain secure with us and the plethora of clients we work with can vouch for our reliability in this regard.

Security on a policy level

  • Employees sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA), with any violation of the stringent data security clauses being punishable under Indian laws including Information Technology Act, 2000.
  • Most of our employees have prior outsourcing experience, and are familiar with the strict data security policies of an outsourcing firm.
  • Complete background checks for employees including references from past employers, registrations with nearest police station, and family background check.


Data Security

  • The server is accessible via 128-bit SSL encryption, which provides data transmission security.
  • Comprehensive security audits are carried out on a monthly basis.
  • Data migration through external hardware sources like pendrives is strictly prohibited. Floppy/USB and CD ROM drives on workstations are disabled.
  • All of your personal information is safely maintained on a terminal server in a secure data centre with backup servers.


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PC Security

  • Internet usage is regulated and industry standard firewall software is used to track and block access to FTP sites, email or cloud storage etc. Personnel are not allowed to access their personal email or social media handles.
  • Standardised, best-in-class antivirus software is installed on every system to ensure protection from malware. 

Network Security

  • Individual domain accounts for each processor ensure that only authorised individuals have access to source documents.
  • Segmented LAN with Cyberroam firewall protection.

Physical Security

  • Security guards are stationed throughout the office building.
  • CCTV cameras monitor the workstations and facilities 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Biometric access to the premises is controlled by a finger punch in system.
  • Smoke and heat detectors, as well as sensors, make up a fire security and alarm system. There is also fire-fighting equipment installed.
  • Security personnel are stationed throughout the premises.
  • Regular educational sessions with the employees regarding “Phishing Attacks & Scams”.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) refers to the most extensive update of European data protection standards in more than two decades. The new legislation establishes a single harmonised EU rule with the goal of standardising how businesses must manage personally identifiable information of EU data subjects, including residents of the United Kingdom.

Based on the checklist of measures prescribed by GDPR, we execute measures including the aforementioned to ensure that we are always compliant with their guidelines.

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